The food labelling world can be a confusing place and with important new legislation about to hit the market from October 1st (Natasha’s Law) complying fully with all the relevant rules and regulations can be quite daunting.

But help is at hand. Gen-Label is a food labelling specialist with the knowledge and expertise to make food labelling simple. Gen-Label’s expert team has over thirty years’ experience in the food labelling sector and has helped to guide many customers through current and future legislation changes.

Gen-Label is owned and operated by Bunzl UK Limited and forms a key part of its Catering & Hospitality division. Originally launched by Tri-Star Packaging and known as Tri-Label, the name was changed in 2020 to better reflect the evolving needs of the food labelling sector.

Bunzl’s Catering & Hospitality division supplies many of the biggest names in the UK Hospitality industry including major players in the Restaurant sector, Contract Catering, Pubs, Hotels, QSR & Coffee Shops and the Public Sector. Over the years many of these customers approached Bunzl with requests to supply food labelling products and this inevitably created a need to also provide other services and solutions including help and advice about complying with relevant legislation.

The result was the creation of a specialist business to bring together all aspects of food labelling in one place to fully support the needs of customers with their food labelling requirements.

Gen-Label can offer solutions in 4 key areas covering Front-of-House labelling, Back-of-House labelling, Bespoke Label Design and Allergen Labelling Software Solutions. You will find information about all 4 areas on this website.

Central to Gen-Label’s approach is a recognition that for some businesses food labelling is simply a requirement that needs to be met properly and professionally but is not a key part of their core proposition. Recognising that need, Gen-Label can provide a wide range of standard off-the shelf products that are cost-effective, simple to use and will ensure full compliance with all relevant Food Hygiene standards. Our aim is to make food labelling as simple as possible, not to over complicate it.

However, we also recognise that for other businesses food labelling can be an integral part of in-store merchandising and marketing programmes and for that reason we can also offer bespoke label designs as well as a full graphic design service to create food labels tailored to your exact requirements.

Finally, the requirement to provide accurate and comprehensive ingredient labelling, including the clear identification of potential allergens, is now becoming paramount. The forthcoming Natasha’s Law will further strengthen legislation in this area and many businesses now need an effective way to meet these requirements. Gen-Label online is a simple and cost-effective software solution designed to help businesses comply fully with Natasha’s Law and has the added benefit of being designed to use pre-formatted labels and standard office printers with no investment in specialist equipment required.

So whatever your food labelling requirements, if you want straight-forward advice and practical cost-effective solutions then contact Gen-Label today. We make food labelling simple.